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Make Money Online With Slidejoy

Slidejoy is a rewarding app which mainly focused on lock screen ad. Slidejoy rewards users to unlock their smartphone. This app place advertisements in users lock screen, every time user tries to unlock his phone the app displays ads and user gets rewarded for engaging with ad. There are more ways to earn from slidejoy other than lock screen ad . They have supersonic ads, nativex, fyber, trial pay, adscendmedia offer walls which provides more chance to earn money and peanut labs and cint surveys also helps to increase earning.

Download Here:

How it Works

Once you register on Slidejoy, every time you unlock your phone, you will get a card with news or a promotion on your lockscreen.

-Slide UP on your lockscreen to see more news

-Slide RIGHT on your lockscreen to unlock your phone and go to your home screen

-Slide LEFT on your lockscreen to get more information on the content

-Slide DOWN on your lockscreen to access your notifications and app shortcut menu

To get rewards with Slidejoy, you DO NOT have to slide left, tap for money, or do anything other than to use your phone as you normally do. It’s a no hassle-app! You also don't receive more or less for engaging with the ads. Yes, it’s that SIMPLE.


-Gives you rewards for using our intelligent, easy-to-use lockscreen

-Check your notifications and favorite apps right on your lockscree

-Receive Carats and redeem them for real money or gift cards

-Enjoy trending news and timely ads on your lockscreen

-News, deals and ads on the lockscreen are tailored to your preferences

-We give you Carats daily the next day

-Slidejoy provides you with various additional redemption options to make money or receive gift cards. PayPal redemptions, Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Walmart, Starbucks and more. Just for unlocking your phone!

-Quick, fast cash payments through PayPal

What Can You Do With Your Lockscreen Rewards?

Keep it and redeem your Carats for money on PayPal or gift cards.


Make a gift and give cash to great causes.

Cash and gift cards options you can redeem:

-Paypal redemptions

-Visa® Prepaid Card Gift Card

-Google Play Gift Card

-Walmart Gift Card

-Steam Wallet Code

-And more!

Download the free lock-screen app and start getting rewards today!


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